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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

In chaos… fortune

The black swan event that overwhelmed the commercial real estate market short-circuited securitizations and forced banks and other lenders to return to traditional lending models. This change represents a tremendous opportunity for strong real estate investors and developers.

Scimitar Capital rapidly sources and secures bank, insurance company, private equity, and nonconventional financing for real estate investors and developers looking to acquire, refinance, or construct commercial properties.

Real Estate Investors

We have extensive experience in financing triple-net commercial real estate anchored by single or multiple tenants. We also routinely deliver capital for the acquisition and refinance of multifamily apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, warehouses, and distribution centers.


While overall construction lending remains restrained, there is still strong lender/investor interest in deploying capital into particular kinds of properties in certain regions of the country with specific demographic profiles.