Scimitar Capital

Correspondent Services

Correspondent Services

Scimitar Capital’s network includes regional, national, and international financial institutions—many of whom offer a broad array of correspondent service platforms. Depending on the nature of your requirements, we can identify an appropriate partner or group of partners and design a customized suite of solutions to help you capture new opportunities and fully realize the value of your existing client relationships.

Choose the services that can help you meet your customers’ banking needs, including:

  • Treasury management
  • Credit services
  • Foreign exchange
  • International trade and finance
  • Insurance services
Third-party correspondent services

Enhance the retail and commercial financial services you offer customers without large capital expenditures. These services are available on a wholesale basis. Your correspondent partners can act behind the scenes as provider, and their products and services will help you reduce expenses and generate new sources of revenue.

Working with a correspondent bank, you will be able to attract new business, increase profits, and function more efficiently.