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Loan Syndication

Loan Syndication

At the present time, underwriting standards for US commercial banks have tightened, and the amount of a particular loan banks are generally willing to “warehouse” has declined. This means that more large loans are being syndicated, necessitating a broader group of syndication partners.

For European and Middle-Eastern financial institutions, this represents a tremendous opportunity. Rather than purchasing a US bank, or building one from scratch, you may establish a lucrative lending presence in the American banking marketplace without the associated costs or regulatory burdens that such a presence would usually demand.

Through Scimitar Capital, you would have favorable access to dozens of new loans from major national and regional banks.

Your institution would establish the lending criteria…

  1. Maximum Loan-to-Value
  2. The types of acceptable collateral
  3. The maximum individual loan size
  4. The industry
  5. The minimum interest rate
  6. Credit covenants you deem acceptable

Based on the criteria defined, Scimitar Capital will screen the offerings of major banks to identify those specific loans that fit your priorities. Every month, we will present you a handful of offerings that represent lucrative, secure, and well-collateralized opportunities from which you may choose.

The amount of your participation in any opportunity shall be your prerogative. You may “dial-up” or “dial-down” your presence depending on your enthusiasm for a particular deal.

In effect, your institution will be able to establish a substantive and profitable presence in the US banking landscape at little cost. Underwriting, appraisals, and material due diligence will have been completed, and all your credit committee will have to do is approve or disapprove the package.