Scimitar Capital



Scimitar Capital provides exporters and importers favorable access to a full range of trade and asset-based financing options. These include Letters of Credit, Banker’s Acceptances, International Factoring, Receivables Financing, and Lines of Credit.

Two major challenges impede growth and profitability for mid-sized exporters and importers…

  1. Access to Capital: Rapidly growing companies engaged in international trade are often constrained by relatively small cash reserves and strict covenants governing the use of their bank lines of credit. Additionally, many of the larger financial institutions may have a very limited understanding of the specific industry that you are engaged in. If your business does not fit into their particular box, it is likely that opportunities will continually pass you by.
  2. Certainty of Payment: Doing business overseas is tricky. Many businesses are not equipped to do a satisfactory level of due diligence on a potential customer or vendor. This can pose catastrophic risks to any business with significant overseas exposure.

Both of these critical issues can be remedied with the right group of international financial partners standing behind your Company—giving you the resources to capture new business, and shielding you from the risks of overseas or domestic collection.