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Petroleum Distribution

Petroleum Distribution

As the major oil companies divest from retail operations across the nation, there is both opportunity and risk for distributors. The opportunities lie in rapidly capturing lucrative retail assets as they become available. The risks lie for those distributors who are unable to seize the moment and find themselves at a severe competitive disadvantage.

Scimitar Capital knows this marketplace intimately and has helped structure and finance large acquisitions and recapitalizations for major distributors in the Northeast.

We provide advice and support through every aspect of the acquisition process. Working collaboratively with a distributor’s senior leadership, we evaluate the targeted assets, construct an appropriate bid, and strengthen the bid by securing early assurances from conventional and non-conventional funding sources. This is how we have won divestitures in major markets in the Northeast.

Once a bid is secured, we move to the rapid financial consummation of the transaction. Our team will negotiate the terms of financing, manage the appraisal and environmental process, and shepherd the deal to a final and satisfactory conclusion.

We view retail petroleum as home turf. We know how to get these deals done.