About Us

Scimitar Capital is a private investment banking firm with clients and partners in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Scimitar Capital is in the business of backing tier-one management teams who want to build great things and build great enterprises.  That’s what our clients do.  Whether in commercial real estate, power and infrastructure, energy and natural resources, tech and biotech, the two consistent themes that emerge in virtually every mandate we’ve undertaken in these diverse industries is that our clients understand their marketplace better than anyone else, and they have the operational skills to execute. 

 Our job is simply to provide the structure and resources to get things done.

 We do that.  All over the world.

Scimitar History

In early 2008, as the global financial markets reeled from shock to shock, the pillars of Wall Street began to crumble, and market capitalism became a ward of the State—we saw opportunity amidst the ruins.

It was our baptism by fire. It was our finest hour. It was in those days as the world stared into the financial abyss that we laid the foundations for our firm’s success. We realized that if we could help our clients capture opportunities and secure capital in that environment, then those relationships would survive and prosper.

Scimitar Capital is based in Stamford, Connecticut and maintains offices in New York City and Westchester County. For your convenience, we suggest you use form below so that we can route your request to the appropriate division. All members of our team would be pleased to assist you.

Scimitar Capital Partners, LLC
Scimitar Global Markets, LLC

One Stamford Plaza
263 Tresser Boulevard
Suite 900
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Phone: (203) 292-6429
Email: info@scimitarcapital.com

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