Middle Market Companies

Enabling middle market companies to obtain alternative funding sources.

Trade Finance

In the years since the Great Recession, Basel III, and the Volcker rule, lending by international commercial banks to SMEs has plummeted and high quality middle-market companies engaged in international trade have had no choice but to pay significantly increased rates to alternative funding sources –if and when such options are even available

 Scimitar Capital provides US and EM exporters and importers favorable access to unique outside the box financial solutions to build and grow their businesses.

National Defense

 Scimitar Capital is proud to play a small role in the defense of our nation. There is no greater satisfaction than to be able to deliver tangible results to American and Allied soldiers in forward operating areas throughout the world.

 Mid-sized companies in the national defense space have unique challenges in raising transactional and operating liquidity. The universe of banks and other conventional sources of financing that understand and can work with the vagaries of this marketplace– the DOD contracting and fulfillment process, the unpredictability of cash flows—is small. Even those financial institutions that know the industry tend towards conservative underwriting standards and move too slowly to assist entrepreneurial companies capture new opportunities. Finally, as informational security is central to companies engaged in developing products or delivering services for the nation’s defense, options become very limited.

 Scimitar Capital’s breadth of relationships across the financial marketplace delivers rapid access to a range of conventional and non-conventional funding sources. Some of our associates have worked in environments requiring significant security clearances and are fully cognizant of your need for speed, security, and flexibility.

Energy Ecosystem

The energy ecosystem is evolving rapidly with disruptive new technologies and regulatory regimes altering a once static landscape. These changes, which are only accelerating, bring with them both unprecedented opportunity and significant risk. Our role is to help energy enterprises navigate a path to sustained profitability in this nascent new world.

 Scimitar’s expertise in energy  extends from extraction and collection to transmission and storage. From pipelines to batteries, operating power plants to utilities, we advise and assist owners and operators reimagine and restructure the capital stack to optimize the value of their assets, capitalize on emerging opportunities,  and grow their top and bottom line.