Project Finance

Scimitar Capital has a depth of experience in obtaining capital for Projects for Power & Renewables, Infrastructure, Commercial Real Estate, and Energy and Natural Resources.

Power and Renewables

Scimitar has backed industry leading management teams in the development of power projects across the globe. From small hydro to utility scale waste to energy, from battery plus solar to conventional fossil fuel generation, our firm has developed an intimate understanding of this complex, changing marketplace. 

Long lead times. Development hurdles. Regulatory changes just when you thought you were done. Permitting headaches.  Feedstock concerns. Transmission and interconnection. Counterparty risk. The delicate dance with the EPC contractor. Politics.

We’ve been there.  We’re with you from the beginning, and we get you all the way to NTP. 


 Scimitar focuses on supporting essential infrastructure such as airports, pipelines, rail and, refining.  Whether it is via public private partnerships or a purely private development, our goal is to support the financing and execution of projects that will have a transformative impact on their communities.


Commercial Real Estate

Scimitar’s clients are top-tier private developers and property owners in major urban markets across the United States.  Our clients rely on us to deliver conventional and non-conventional financing to acquire, refinance, reposition, or construct commercial properties.

On occasion, we will also act as advisors on the sale of existing assets for our clients.

Energy and Natural Resources

From Alabama to Alaska. From Cartagena to Cape Town. On four continents, Scimitar Capital supports leading companies in the exploration and production of oil and gas, the trading of commodities, and the development of mineral resources from lithium to diamonds.